Solo Exhibition in Berlin!

KARO Labs feat. Zaaka Vincent



Catch Ziggy!

Have fun while trying to snare the tricky Ziggy. And while you are at it, we welcome you to stop by and say hello to KARO Labs and Zaaka Vincent!

KARO Labs (KARO) is a Berlin based tech-boutique that fosters a friendly and open environment to fuel innovation. At KARO, we believe that innovation is driven by collaboration and creativity. Our experiment with Zaaka Vincent is a step in this direction.


Based in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, Zaaka Vincent blends different art styles from various cultures and is sprinkled with generational influences. Zaaka Vincent is an artistic initiative that creates unique corsages and accessories with a whimsical visual style. Each quirky piece is handmade and crafted with love.










Please come and find out about Zaaka Vincents world.

We will also hold Workshops.

Check out the update information on Instagram.